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All of the Parts

“Three years ago when we came to the United States, I had just finished my Master’s Degree in Education Psychology. When we got here, I wanted to volunteer somewhere related to my studies. It was absolutely my luck that I found Innovative.” 

Arezoo started as a volunteer in our Early Learning program over two years ago. She’s now a full time employee, and works as an Assistant Teacher in the program. Last September, she enrolled her daughter, Kajal, in Innovative’s free preschool program for eligible children and their families, ECEAP*.  Kajal has really improved in her ability to speak the English language since coming to Innovative, taking her mom by surprise when she uttered three sentences, in English, without hesitation — something she had never done before. Her teacher, Lynn, and the staff focus on each child’s individual needs and have also worked with Kajal on improving her patience and advancing her math skills. Arezoo shared, “It’s a great team, they work very hard with kids in all aspects of their education.”

Arezoo knows that her daughter is getting the most out of her education at Innovative, “They are great, specifically Lynn, her teacher, who has 20 years of experience. I’m very happy that Kajal is in good hands,” Arezoo said.

Kajal seems to love coming to school every day. When we asked her what her favorite part of preschool is, she giggled and replied,“All of the parts!”

*Innovative’s Early Learning and Child Care program offers ECEAP in 4 of our 7 classrooms. The Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) is a free preschool program for eligible children and their families. ECEAP focuses on the well-being of the whole child by providing nutrition, health, education and family support services. The goal of ECEAP is to help all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Click here to learn more.

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