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Columbia Credit Union Grants $10,000 for Mobile Technology

We’re proud to announce a $10,000 grant from Columbia Credit Union for the Mobile Technology

Project. We appreciate Columbia Credit Union turning their spring event sponsorship into a grant that will directly benefit our clients and services. The funds will purchase eight Surface 3 Pro laptops. Four will be used in our Early Intervention/Pediatric Therapy program and four in our Employment Services Program. Both of these programs have staff which perform a large percentage of their work in the field.

The laptops will enable our staff to access information and create documentation quickly and efficiently while away from Innovative’s facility, thereby improving effectiveness and increasing our capacity to provide service in these critical programs.

Columbia Credit Union CEO, Steve Kenny, said, “Ensuring the well-being of our residents and local businesses is a top priority for us at Columbia Credit Union. We’re proud to support Innovative Services NW and their efforts to make life better in our community!”

Thank you to Columbia Credit Union!

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