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Dancing with Daniel

Martha Graham said “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Meeting Daniel brings that quote to mind. Daniel has been coming to the Adult Day Health Center (ADHC) for almost a year. He experiences Down syndrome, as well as Alzheimer’s disease. The ADHC staff will tell you, he’s a fairly quiet individual, who rarely speaks, and keeps to himself. The exception is when he hears music. Daniel loves to dance with his friends and as soon as the music comes on, he’s the first on the dance floor, with a smile on his face. His sister, Kristin, was so excited when she found out that the ADHC offered not only the skilled nursing services Daniel requires, but also fun and stimulating activities, some of which help Daniel come out of his shell. “He enjoys the companionship,” Kristin said. “I’m thrilled that I found Innovative Services. I’m really happy that we found some place for him to go where he can feel like part of the group, and have activities to do, and it’s something special for him.”

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