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Finding Balance

Ava was diagnosed with hypermobility in her joints, along with joint laxity and knee valgus, hip internal rotation, and trunk weakness which made her unable to stabilize her body and caused her to lose her balance. She began coming to Innovative’s Physical Therapy program weekly, working with her Physical Therapist, Jessica, and PT Assistant, Steven. Jessica said, “We educated Ava and her family about the specific exercises that she could do at home to progress her posture, strength, body alignment, and to help her with her balance.” Through Innovative Services NW’s Orthotics Clinic, a partnership with a local orthotist, Ava wa

s provided with orthotics which aligned her legs and allowed her muscles to be used more efficiently.

One year later, Ava is enjoying just being a kid. She’s completed one year of physical therapy, and has recently taken up horseback riding. Her mom says that “she’s growing very, very fast. There’s just the peace of mind in knowing that she can run like a kid without hurting herself.”

“She’s a very bright and motivated girl,” Jessica shared. “The confidence and strength that Ava has built allows her the freedom to engage in whichever physical activities her heart desires.”

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