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Our programs could be affected by the Washington State 2017 Budget

Update on Innovative programs that are affected by Washington State Budget 2017.

If the Washington State Budget is voted on and passed, all Innovative Services NW programs and services will continue as usual.

If the Washington State Budget is NOT passed, these services will not be available as of Saturday, July 1, 2017 until further notice:

  1. ECEAP

  2. Working Connections Child Care (state subsidy)

  3. Employment Services for DVR and state only clients

  4. Supervised Visitation (state and AVG)

  5. Case Aide Services

  6. Janitorial (for state offices only)

As of today, we believe the following services will continue:

  1. Pediatric Therapy including Early Intervention

  2. Private Pay Early Learning

  3. Private Pay Supervised Visitation

  4. Janitorial Services (Except State Buildings)

  5. Employment Services for county clients

  6. Family Resource Coordination (FRC) in Pediatric Therapy

Our website will be updated as we have more information and, as of July 1st, you can call our main phone number at (360) 892-5142 and listen to the recorded message to get the most current information.

If legislators do not adopt a state budget by June 30th, you will lose access to services.

Please consider contacting your state representatives by email or phone and strongly encourage them adopt the budget by the deadline. You can find your District by visiting

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