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Quality Education in a Safe Space

Quality Education in a Safe Space, Innovative's Early Learning and Child Care Program

It’s now been three years, and Yousuf is thriving in his class. “Yousuf has changed a lot. He speaks full sentences now. He never used to listen to me at home.” Now, she says he takes the initiative with chores, he’s more independent, and his family is impressed by how well he can speak.“Great things have happened to my son since he’s been going to school here. I appreciate Judy. She helped me a lot.”

Nisreen is now working in Innovative’s Early Learning program as a substitute teacher and hopes to eventually have the opportunity to teach a class of her own. “I like working here. It’s awesome. I’ve learned so many new things,” she said. “When I got the job, the teachers in the program made me feel like they’ve known me forever. They show me respect, and they show me help. I don’t think, in my own country, that I would get this respect and help.”

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