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Walking With Confidence

“David works really hard. For a six year old, it’s amazing how much effort he puts in.”

David has hypotonia and joint laxity, conditions that make his muscles and joints weak and unstable, which can make even walking difficult and sometimes dangerous.

“David’s body has trouble sensing its position, location, orientation, and movement so he is constantly seeking input. He is always moving fast and even the ‘crashes’ provide him with input that increases his awareness of his body relative to his surroundings,” said Jessica, David’s Physical Therapist. She says he would sometimes lose control of his footing, causing him to trip, and even fall down the stairs.

David has been enrolled in Physical Therapy for about a year and finished his first round of Intensive Physical Therapy, which he started just two weeks ago. Intensive Physical Therapy is an individualized program that accelerates functional progress. Appointments can be up to three hours long,  five days per week, for up to three weeks.

His progress has been tremendous thanks to David’s hard work and dedication. Jessica said, “He can have a lot of fun in here. He made up his own games, and his games are his own therapy because that’s what kids do, they play. So he challenged himself more and more in his play during his sessions.” 

His grandmother has already noticed the improvements in David’s walking ability, even after two short weeks. She’s happy to see David more in control of his body, especially his walking, as a result of the therapy. She shared, “Jessica works really hard with the kids. She seems to just know by looking at them what needs to be done.”

Our Intensive Therapy Clinic will provide an individual physical therapy plan to help children attain their highest functional level. Learn More.

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