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We’re All Family Here

Photo of Sarah and her mom, on the playground in our Early Learning Facility

Judy Guzmán, one of Innovative’s ECEAP Family Advocates, assisted Sarah’s family during a time of financial strain. “I had a difficult situation. Judy helped me provide clothes and shoes to my kids,” said Sarah’s mom, Leticia. Judy also helped her find dental services for her children. Fulfilling these basic needs helps Sarah’s family in preparing her for kindergarten success.

Ms. Lynn and the other classroom staff consistently work with Sarah on her social skills, reinforcing her self-confidence at every opportunity, and encouraging her to interact with the other children. “She was very, very shy, even with kids, she didn’t want to talk, with adults too,” Leticia said, “Now she’s friendly. Yesterday she told me ‘Mom, I have a new best friend!'” Leticia said with a smile.

Leticia finds comfort in knowing that Sarah is in good hands when she drops her off on her way to work each morning. “I know she’s okay here. She’s learning, I know she has friends, she’s more strong inside,” Leticia said. “I’ve found a lot of help here; it’s like we’re all family.”

Innovative’s Early Learning and Child Care program offers ECEAP in 3 of our 6 classrooms. The Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) is a free preschool program for eligible children and their families. ECEAP focuses on the well-being of the whole child by providing nutrition, health, education and family support services. The goal of ECEAP is to help all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Click here to learn more.

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