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Just Baby Steps

After being referred to Innovative Services NW’s Pediatric Therapy & Neurodevelopmental Center, John is well on his way becoming more independent.

John was born with a rare form of Klinefelter syndrome, a chromosomal condition. For John, it meant he had very low muscle tone. He was referred to Innovative by his primary care physician to begin Intensive Physical Therapy and Early Intervention services that would help him get stronger. His mother, Kari, expressed how much John has improved in just a few months, “If you sat him down, he would just fold right in half. He couldn’t hold his bottle, he was very weak. Now his posture is improving. It’s just baby steps; he’s getting better at each mile stone.”

John’s physical therapy team, Jessica, Ali, and Alisha, have been working with him since December to strengthen his body and improve his independence. Prior to receiving physical therapy, he didn’t have the strength to move and explore his environment, like most curious children his age. Jessica noted John’s improvements, “Now he’s fifteen months, and able to reach for toys and bang them together, he’s not quite rolling yet, but he’s getting close. Mom has really been implementing the exercises from therapy at home. It’s showing a big change.”

Kari couldn’t be happier with his progress. She and her family are eager for him to take his first steps. “There’s just hope that soon he will be walking,” she said. “[The therapists] are very patient. They’re very good at working with him. They’ve learned his personality. There would have been a really long delay if he hadn’t received all of this help.

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