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Our Employment Services program is proud to be one of the leading employment agencies in Clark County for adults with disabilities.


The primary purpose of the Employment Services program is to support long-term employment for adults with disabilities in Clark County. The program features two Major service options: Individual Supported Employment and Community Inclusion. Additionally, we provide Job Foundations and DVR services (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation), which may encompass Independent Living (IL) services and DVR only.


Individual Supported Employment

Individual Supported Employment services are a part of an individual’s pathway to employment and are tailored to individual needs, interests, abilities, and promote career development. These are individualized services necessary to help persons with developmental disabilities get and continue integrated employment at or above the state’s minimum wage in the general workforce. These services may include intake, discovery, assessment, job preparation, job marketing, job supports, record keeping and support to maintain a job. Services Offered by Innovative Services NW Employment Services:

  • Assessment Services:  Assessment Services will help you identify your skills, your abilities and your individual needs.  You will tour job places that interest you. You might work at real job tasks. The results will be used to create your Employment Plan.

  • Job Development Services:  This service includes writing a resume, making a portfolio, actual job search, practicing how to interview, and other job seeking activities.

  • Job Training:  Innovative Services NW Employment Services can provide on-the-job training depending on your needs.  Job training is usually intense when you first start working.  You probably won’t need as much training as you learn the duties of the job.

  • Support Services: Innovative Services NW Employment Services supports you on-the-job as long as you need help. We can help you find long-term funding for job supports.


Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion refers to the practice of actively involving individuals with disabilities in various aspects of community life. This involves creating opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in social, recreational, educational, vocational, and civic activities alongside individuals without disabilities. Community inclusion aims to promote belonging, acceptance, and equal participation for all members of society, regardless of their abilities.


In the context of disability services and supports, community inclusion programs in Washington State may include initiatives such as:

  • Assistance to participate in activities, events and organizations in your local community.

  • Opportunities to develop relationships and to learn, practice and apply skills that result in greater independence and community inclusion.


Requirements for DDA eligible clients:

  • 9 months of participation in a DDA employment services for working age clients    21-61.

  • Age 62 or older does not require 9 months of participation in DDA employment services. 


Job Foundations

Job Foundations refers to a program aimed at providing foundational support and skills development for individuals with developmental disabilities to prepare them for employment opportunities. This program typically focuses on building essential job skills, such as communication, teamwork, time management, and task completion, as well as providing vocational training and guidance to help individuals successfully enter the workforce. It may involve a variety of activities and interventions tailored to the needs and abilities of each participant, with the ultimate goal of fostering independence and integration into the workforce.



Independent Living Skills (IL)

IL skills refer to Independent Living skills. These skills encompass a range of abilities and competencies that enable individuals with disabilities to live independently and participate fully in their communities. IL skills may include tasks such as managing personal finances, transportation planning, household management, self-care, accessing community resources, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. We can provide training, support, and resources to help individuals develop and strengthen these skills, empowering them to lead more autonomous and fulfilling lives.


DVR Only

In Washington State, "DVR only" typically refers to services provided solely by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) without additional support from other programs. This means that individuals receive vocational rehabilitation services exclusively from the DVR, which may include assessments, counseling, job training, job placement assistance, and other support services aimed at helping individuals with disabilities prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment. "DVR only" implies that the individual is not enrolled in other vocational or disability-related programs concurrently, but rather receiving all necessary assistance and resources directly from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

The ultimate goal in all service offerings is to build natural supports in the workplace or community for our program participants such that our services are not needed on an on-going basis.



Services take place in at work/assessment sites, in the community, at Innovative’s facility, and in the home. Innovative’s Employment Specialists work whatever hours are necessary to support our working participants, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If participants are in job discovery/development and are not working yet or are participating in Community Inclusion Activities, services usually take place between 8am and 6pm, Monday through Friday. Frequency of service depends on a variety of factors such as client availability/interest, staff availability, job site requirements, approved funding support hours and is mutually agreed upon by the Employment Specialist and participant. Clients receive a minimum of one face-to-face meeting each month.



No fees are collected from participants. Innovative’s Employment Services Program is funded primarily through the following two sources:

  • DVR - The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) provides employment services and counseling to individuals with disabilities who want to work but experience barriers to work because of a physical, sensory, and/or mental disability. A DVR counselor works with each person to develop a customized plan of services designed to help them reach their employment goal. DVR typically funds assessments, job development, job placement, and intensive training services. They do not fund ongoing job coaching services once a participant is employed. Services delivered under DVR authorization are paid at a flat rate based on outcomes, regardless of how many hours we work to achieve the outcome.

  • Clark County – Clark County Developmental Disabilities provides ongoing funding for participants who are seeking employment, currently employed, or participating in the Community Inclusion program. Each participant is authorized a specific amount of hours for our services each month. The hours are determined in partnership with the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) through an algorithm that is completed by the participant’s DDA Case Manger during their annual Service Plan meeting. It is possible to request additional hours for a participant if needed on a temporary or permanent basis. The request must be supported by the participant’s Case Manager and sent to the County contact for approval as soon as the need for additional hours is identified. Hours worked but not approved are not able to be billed through to the County for payment.



Interested in getting started with Employment Services at Innovative Services NW? Contact your DDA case manager for a referral, or email us to set up a meeting.

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