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Our Employment Services program is proud to be one of the leading employment agencies in Clark County for adults with disabilities.


Supported Employment

Community Inclusion



For over 40 years, Innovative Services NW has been a leading provider for employment services in Clark County. Our dedicated staff of Job Developers and Employment Specialists assist individuals in overcoming disability-related employment barriers and supporting possibilities for everyone.

Benefits of working with an employment services agency can include:

  • Increased self-direction, independence, and self-reliance

  • Greater sense of belonging in the community

  • Economic self-sufficiency and autonomy

  • Increased self-esteem



Each employer has different requirements for their job positions, and the Employment Services team recognizes that every individual has unique and valuable contributions to offer businesses in the community. Our services are centered around matching each job seeker’s individual skills and abilities with employers’ business needs. We do this through career planning, job development, and ongoing employment supports.

Career Planning

  • Exploration and identification of work interests

  • Community-based assessments of current strengths and abilities

  • Development of new skills for desired positions

  • Transportation and benefits planning

Job Development

  • Introductions to potential employers

  • Creating job opportunities that fit job seeker skills

  • Resume preparation and interview support

  • Assist with negotiating job offers and details of employment

Ongoing Employment Support

  • On-the-job training for employee and employer

  • Develop natural supports to maintain independence

  • Ongoing advocacy/problem solving

  • Continued focus on retention and career growth

During your time with us, you may participate in one or more of the following activities:

Vocational and Interest Testing – Our staff conducts thorough interviews with every participant and has available a comprehensive array of testing measures to help determine an appropriate job goal based on aptitudes, skills and interests. Testing measures are designed for individuals of all levels of reading and comprehension. Our goal in the vocational exploration phase of services is to identify a small number of potential job goals to focus either community assessments or job placement efforts.

Community Based Assessment – For selected individuals we may arrange to have ‘trial’ work experiences at different employer sites in the community to help narrow job interests or to assess one’s needs for on-the-job training in a real work environment. Employment Services has relationships with many employers in several different fields of work for these types of job trials.

Job Placement Services – Employment Services develops a personalized employment plan, including job goals, with each of our program participants. Experienced Job Developers will then work with the participant in identifying potential placement opportunities with employers in the community. We will help the participant prepare application materials and/or a resume, practice interview techniques, and support the entire interview and placement process. Our success in finding appropriate and rewarding placement opportunities for our participants is reflected in the job retention rate: over 60% of our participants have remained on the job for more than three years.

On-the-Job Training – Job Coaches work with the participant and the employer after a placement has been achieved to train the participant in the job duties required and to consult with work supervisors and peers to build the needed natural support systems at work. Job Coaches are also available to assist participants in learning new skills on-the-job that will enable advancement in their chosen work. Services are tailored to each participant’s individual needs.

Employment Support Services – Beyond training of participants and employers, our staff will coordinate work-related needs such as transportation, acquire special tools needed for the job, and coordinate the participant’s natural support systems. Our efforts foster our participants’ independence as productive members of the community.



Community Inclusion is a program for individuals not yet ready for employment placement. It helps individuals increase their socialization and communication skills, develop their work ethic and employment skills, as well as learn appropriate employment etiquette and attire through involvement in integrated community activities such as volunteering, club participation and taking classes.



Interested in getting started with Employment Services at Innovative Services NW? Contact your DDA case manager for a referral, or email us to set up a meeting.

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