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Past Pediatric Client Gives Back

Photo of Volunteer with child in Pediatric Therapy

Pictured Above: Occupational therapy client, Kasyia, and volunteer, Everett, during a therapy session. Pictured Below: Everett as a child, with his Early Intervention Specialist, Detra, in 2003.

Everett started utilizing Innovative’s Pediatric Therapy Program for Early Intervention services at at age 2 1/2. He was challenged with sensory issues, which contributed to speech and adaptive skill delays. He received services from Innovative for two and a half years. His Occupational Therapist, Julie, shared, “Everett seemed to take the therapy and run with it, and he made amazing gains over time. His family was very supportive and helped implement therapy in the home each day.”

Everett distinctly remembers the first time a teacher complimented him for being a good student. Now, he’s a senior in high school and is a National Merit Scholar Semifinalist. The award is given to the nation’s top 1% of high school students based on standardized test scores. He has returned to Innovative, but this time, he’s here to volunteer. He hopes to support the program that he says has helped make him so successful. “My goal for my senior project is to give back in any way that I can to the Center. Innovative, and specifically its therapists, has done so much for me in equipping me for success in my younger years, in the present time, and in years to come.”

Photo of Everett and his therapist, Detra

Everett is volunteering weekly, aiding wherever he can during therapy sessions or with administrative work. We’re truly grateful for his partnership and dedication to our mission!

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