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Setting his sights on the future


For many children in the Early Learning & Childcare program at Innovative Services NW, the Mary Firstenburg Family Center is more than just a place to hang out for the day. It is a place for second chances, new beginnings, and changing lives. Derrick is one of those children.

At the end of September 2019, vision screenings were performed on all the children in the program. One preschooler, Derrick, failed his vision screening. Registered Nurse, Karalee, sent the results home and spoke with Derrick’s family regarding the failed test. She recommended that he get an appointment with an eye doctor to find out what was going on.

When Karalee followed up a few weeks later, Derrick’s mother told her that Derrick’s distance vision had been so bad that when uncorrected with glasses, he would be considered legally blind. Now that Derrick has his glasses, his family are so glad that he received his screening at Innovative; otherwise, they may never have known he was struggling so much with his eyesight.

Derrick’s mom expressed how he adjusted amazingly well to wearing his new glasses, and that she is so proud of him for being responsible about making sure he wears them every day. When asked if he likes his new glasses, Derrick nods his head with a big smile. Now, he is able to engage in tasks and play like never before, and he and his family can set their sights on the future, moving forward into Kindergarten and beyond.

Derrick smiling
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