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Working in Harmony with Melody

Melody has been working for Innovative’s Janitorial Services since 1998. Though she experiences autism, she has been cleaning the Public Service Center as part of the janitorial team for about six years. “Melody loves to work,” said Alyssa, Melody’s job coach. “She does a great job.”

“She loves the people out there, the people that she works with. Melody is very quiet but once you get to know her, she’s a very, very kind person,” said Cristina, Melody’s caretaker of 27 years. When she moved in with Cristina, her caseworker helped Melody get a job at Innovative. “She loves to clean up, everywhere she goes, even the store!” Cristina chuckled. “She’s very grateful that she has that job. Besides just getting out of the house, she really enjoys it. She’s excited to go to work.”

Melody sings along with her job coach while they work. “Her name fits. She sings along with the melody, and knows more songs than I do!” Alyssa laughed, “We love working with each other.”

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