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Health and safety are top of mind for everyone this year. That’s why it’s more important than ever to choose the right partner for your janitorial needs. Innovative Services NW has been serving our community for the past 40 years. From the school district buildings to local places of businesses, we’re dedicated to providing safe and sanitary conditions for all employees and customers. And we’re proud to do so by putting Clark Country residents to work, 10% of which identify as having a disability. Request a quote today!



Commercial Cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery

Hard Floor Stripping

& Waxing

Window Washing

Why choose Innovative Services NW?

Competitive Market Pricing

We provide high-quality janitorial services at a fair and competitive price.


Consistent Quality

Our average customer has been with us for more than 7 years.


Experienced and Well-Trained Staff

Our lead staff has more than 40 cumulative years of janitorial experience and field staff have an average of more than 7 years experience in Innovative Services NW Janitorial program. New staff receive one-on-one training by the field management team on cleaning procedures, standards, and the specific customer contract at the work site until quality and routine exist


Sustainable and Green

For improved quality for customers, to protect the environment and for the safety of our staff:

We use high filtration and HEPA vacuums and micro-fiber cleaning cloths to capture and remove dust from the building’s environment Our cleaning agents are locally produced, concentrated, fragrance free, non-caustic and phosphate free

We use automatic dilution machines to dispense the cleaners to ensure proper measuring and limiting waste


Community Involvement

Innovative Services NW Janitorial program provides high-quality commercial cleaning and helps support Innovative Services NW’s other nonprofit services for children, adults, and families with disabilities or disadvantages here in Clark County.




Cleaning Standards

Trash Receptacles

Empty of all waste and debris. Liner is new and properly attached or non-lined receptacle has been wiped clean. Outside of receptacle is free of all soils and polished.


Recycle Receptacles

Empty of all waste and debris. Liner is new and properly attached or non-lined receptacle has been wiped clean. Outside of receptacle is free of all soils and polished.


Hard Floor Surfaces

Swept or vacuumed of all debris and then wet mopped with neutral cleaner. Floor will be free of all removable urine, soil, film, gum, dust, streaks, and spots.


Carpet Floor Surfaces

Thoroughly vacuumed and free of all visible loose surface debris. Removable organic carpet spots less than 1” in diameter will be serviced. Edge vacuuming done monthly.


Drinking Fountains, Sinks and Attached Bright work Fixtures

Clean and free of all water spots, rings, soils, soap and mineral deposits and other foreign material. Surfaces have been polished.


Mirrors & Mirror Frames

Clean and free of all fingerprints, splatter, water spots, streaks, film and foreign material.


Glass & Glass Frames

Clean and free of all fingerprints, splatter, water spots, streaks, and foreign material.


Paper Towel, Soap, Toilet Paper, Seat Cover Dispensers

Full or filled sufficiently to last until the next service day. Dispenser is clean and polished.


Surface Counters and Tables

Clean and free of all fingerprints, streaks and foreign material.


Doors, Door Jams, Door Handles, Knobs, Kick Plates, Switch Plate, Railings & Walls

Free of fingerprints, marks, soil and spots.


Unobstructed horizontal and vertical surfaces, vents, light fixtures, walls, ceilings and baseboards

Lint, dust and cobweb free.


Toilets, Toilet Seats, Urinals, Showers and attached Bright work Fixtures Disinfected

Free of all urine, feces, stains, hairs, debris, deposits, rings, and odors.


Toilet, Urinal Partitions and Restroom Walls

Free of all urine, spills, spots, film, dust and soil.


Floor Drain Covers

Clean and free of soils, lint; mop strings, dirt and other residues.


Facility Air

Free of unpleasant odors that could result from janitorial cleaning and equipment.


Shower Stalls & Attached Bright Work Fixtures

Disinfected, free of all removable stains and deposits.

The Trust has enjoyed working with Innovative Services over the last five years. Prior to working with Innovative Services, we worked with a number of Janitorial Services here in the community, and have found that the services that Innovative provides are top notch. We highly recommend Innovative Services and their Janitorial service, for you as a business, here in Clark County.

Mike True, President & Chief Executive Officer, Fort Vancouver National Trust

I love your organization for two reasons: One is that you’re absolutely dependable, and the quality of the custodial services is fabulous and always consistent. It’s just a no-hassle organization. The work is always done, and it is always done well. The other reason, we just love the fact that you’re helping people in our community by training them and supporting them in their efforts to be engaged within the work community. We love your mission. 

Elizabeth Madrigal, Project Manager, Native Arts & Cultures Foundation

They are easy to work with, have great pricing and doing a great job at what they do! We love having a company that we can depend on to not only be consistent, but also knowing that if we need to make any changes, they are done the next time they come.  LWCC would highly recommend Innovative Services NW for your janitorial needs!

Charlene Harmon, Executive Ministry Assistant, Living Water Community Church

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